The MTG Community - Top 10 Set Symbols [Edward Eng - Battlemage, Level 42]

It's been a while since I've written an article. I've had a list of articles to write but just been swamped with work and school. This time I decided to go with something a little more chill. I also learned a lesson from the other top 10 article we did. So this time, I'd like to start of with a little guide as to how this top 10 list was formulated.


-relatedness to set theme (1 to 5)

-relatedness to set name (1 to 5)

-design elements (1 to 5)


-nice relation to introduction of the morph mechanic: 4

-not too much connection to the set name: 1

-sweet logo: 4

Total Score: 9

Champions of Kamigawa

-goes well with Japanese set theme: 3

-also goes well with Japanese set name: 3

-nice clean design, good symmetry: 4

Total Score: 10


-not too much relation to set theme: 1

-great link with set name: 5

-another simple and clean logo: 4

Total Score: 10


-decent link with the set theme: 3

-better link with the set name: 4

-good design choice to emphasize the goofiness of the set: 3

Total Score: 10

Eldritch Moon

-looks like an Eldrazi, particularly Emrakul which is the set's namesake card: 5

-not too much linkage to set name: 1

-logo just looks really unique and cool: 5

Total Score: 11

New Phyrexia

-unique relation to the introduction of Phyrexian mana, one of the most broken mechanics in the game: 4

-decent link with the set name: 3

-super simplistic design: 4

Total Score: 11


-okay link with set theme: 3

-nice link with set name: 4

-clear and distinct logo: 4

Total Score: 11

Eternal Masters

-nice relation to the set theme, cool how it's another design play on the original Modern Masters logo: 4

-nice hourglass looking logo to represent time as an eternity: 4

-very clean logo: 4

Total Score: 12

Portal Three Kingdoms

-great relation to Chinese set theme since the symbol means 3 in Chinese: 5

-also great link to the set and since it's the third Portal set: 5

-nice how the logo incorporates Chinese calligraphy to the number 3: 3

Total Score: 13

Ice Age

-goes along great with set theme: 5

-also goes well with set name: 5

-simple design and very symmetrical: 4

Total Score: 14

Here's a link to all of the sets and symbols. Do you agree? Disagree? What's your top 10 list? Hit me up in the comments and on social media.

Peace, love, and have fun…

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