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The MTG Community - Prerelease Foils Should Be Worth More than Pack Foils [Edward Eng - Battlemage, Level 41]

Prerelease foils are rarer than pack foils. But the prices don't match up. How do we fix this?

Planet Aryeh - Magic Origins Sealed, Magic Online PPTQ [Video]

Watch Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar competitor, Aryeh Wiznitzer, battle through a Magic Online PPTQ.

Planet Aryeh - Magic Origins Sealed, Deckbuilding Mastered [Video]

Aryeh takes us through a Magic Origins PPTQ sealed deck pool. Watch the video here.

Brewer's Paradise - Oh Jaces! [Edward Eng]

When Magic Origins was released, one of the cards that really stuck out to me full article here.

MTG Reporter – Grand Prix Dallas 2015, 62nd Place Day 2 [Qiushi Sun]

Grand Prix Dallas 2015 was sweet! Read full article here.