Our Card Condition Guide

We pride ourselves on a very strict card grading standard. This ensures you'll receive exactly what you pay for.

Galactic Treasures sells cards graded as Near Mint, Lightly Played, Moderately Played, Heavily Played, or Damaged. If you have any questions regarding these grades, please feel free to contact sales@galactictreasures.com. We're happy to answer any questions or hear any suggestions for improvement to this guide.

Near Mint

A card in Near Mint condition will show little to no wear. It may have a light scratch, small nick, or barely noticeable border wear. A foil card will have little to no clouding and retain most or all of its original gloss.

Lightly Played

A card in Lightly Played condition will show visible, minor wear. It may have mild border or corner wear, minor bending, light scratching, small nicks, light scuffing, or very minor border creasing. A foil card may also have moderate clouding and have lost some of its original gloss. Cards signed by the artist, Richard Garfield, or bearing a Pro Tour stamp which would otherwise be graded as Near Mint are graded as Lightly Played.

Moderately Played

A card in Moderately Played condition will show moderate wear but is still legal for tournament play if sleeved. Cards in this grade include cards with moderate binder creasing, moderate corner wear, moderate border wear, whitening on the back or front face of the card, slight inking along the back borders, moderate scratching or clouding, minor water damage, or slight (hairline) shuffle creasing.

Heavily Played

A card in Heavily Played condition will show easily visible, but not extreme wear. It may have extensive border or corner wear, major bending, major scratching, major nicks, major scuffing, major creasing along the top border from shuffling, moderate whitening, slight inking along the borders, slight tearing along the borders, minor water damage, minor dirt buildup, or slight discoloration. A foil card may also have major clouding and have lost most of its original gloss.


A card in Damaged condition will show easily visible, extreme wear. It may have major whitening, heavy inking, major creasing or tearing, extensive water damage, writing on the front or back, missing pieces, extensive dirt buildup, or extreme discloration. A foil card may also have lost all of its original gloss.

Always remember to have fun,
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