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The MTG Community - Top 8 Aesthetically Pleasing Card Designs [Edward Eng - Battlemage, Level 42]

Amonkhet Invocations seem to be a flop so far. But how about these designs?

The MTG Community - I'm Sorta Back [Edward Eng - Battlemage, Level 42]

The MTG Community - Top 10 Don'ts [Edward Eng - Battlemage, Level 42]

Magic will die if we don't properly fuel the community. Do your job to grow the game by advocatingĀ these don'ts.

The MTG Community - Friday Night Jitters [Jon Waldrop - Apprentice, Level 7]

What do you remember about your first competitive Magic experiences? Read about Jon's here.

The MTG Community - Introducing The MTG Urban Dictionary! [Edward Eng - Battlemage, Level 41]

One of the best parts of Magic is its culture. And one of the best parts of the culture is the slang.