The MTG Community - Will you miss the Theros block? [Taylor Spain]

Hello. I’m Taylor Spain. Just some quick background info about me…I’ve been playing Magic since the end of the Lorwyn block (2008). I started playing competitive Magic during Scars of Mirrodin (2010) and the first big tournaments I attended were a TCGplayer 5k and State Championships. I didn’t do well, but the feelings I experienced made me think that I would play this game for a very long time. Since then, I’ve put up some decent finishes but nothing spectacular. I hope to change this in 2016.

Anyways, let’s talk about Theros block. Here are some questions…

1. Did you enjoy Theros block for Constructed play?
2. Was Theros block Limited fun?
3. What cards do you love from the block and will miss after rotation?

I’ll answer these from my point of view. And if you’d like to chime in, please do so in the comments below.

Theros Block for Constructed 

I enjoyed some aspects of it. I liked the enchantment theme and that it made auras decent cards. I enjoyed the devotion mechanic because I’m not a big control player, so I love when decks have to play to the board to do well. I also thought the Heroic mechanic was cool because the decks that revolved the mechanic were fun to play against. Overall, I’d give this block a B for Constructed. I felt the block was a bit weak with some high impact cards that made the block kind of stale as a whole.

Theros Block for Limited

Honestly, I liked Theros a lot. I love how the colors played out in the format. White was the best owing to Heroic and how it was supported. But black was awesome too because you could just draft 3 Gray Merchant of Asphodels and feel very ahead at all times.

I didn’t feel that Born of the Gods and Journey into Nyx added much to the format. I felt it made decks less powerful. Naturally, it wouldn’t seem like that but it’s kind of true. Particularly, Born of the Gods felt very underpowered for Limited with the ‘punisher’ mechanic, Tribute. Overall, I’d give this block a C+ for Limited. I liked Theros a lot but the rest was nothing to be happy about, which is kind of sad because the flavor of the block was awesome.

Cards You Love and Will Miss


Who doesn’t love this card? It sees play in just about any black/x deck. It’s such a versatile card and rewards players for being well-versed in any format. It allowed black decks to fight against the enchantment-based block. I’ll be sad to see this card leave Standard and hope to play with something like it in the near future.

Elspeth, Sun’s Champion

I love playing with this card. But at the same time, I hate how the games usually playl out the same with this on the board. She’s just too powerful. All three abilities are backbreaking. Aggressive decks have a tough time dealing with her making three 1/1 soliders. And her -3 ability could just wipe away beefy monsters like Stormbreath Dragon. Plus, her ultimate is usually game-ending (like most ultimates should be). I’m sad to she here go, but happy because she’s gotten stale.

Stormbreath Dragon

One of the best dragons ever made. Just look at this thing. It kills things for a living. I love the Monstrous ability. It was a decent way to combat Sphinx’s Revelation decks from the last format and Dig Through Time decks of this format. Its protection from white was very relevant the entire time it has been legal in Standard. This beefy monster will be missed as most beefy monsters have drawbacks. But not this one.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

And finally, the card that has lead to some of the most broken plays in Standard. It put green mana dork decks over the top with cards to sink tons of mana into like Polukranos, World Eater, Genesis Hydra, and Crater’s Claws. I love the way this card was designed. It made you play to the board, which is a slightly rarer occurrence in the game. And it was a nice new take on Standard. Just about every flavor of mono-colored decks have popped up since this card has been in Standard. Altogether, this is a sweet card.

Thanks for reading. And look out for more articles as my love for the game continues to grow.

Good luck and good games,

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