MTG Reporter - PPTQ Madrid, 1st Place [Edward Eng]

Another PPTQ. Another top 8. This time I took it down. Over the past few months a friend of mine, Collin Rountree (an SCG Open winner and fellow PPTQ Madrid winner), has been pushing me to win one of these Madrid PPTQs so we can travel together. I've been trying hard and I finally got there. Thus, I'm stoked about the upcoming RPTQ.

This is the list I ran.

Abzan Aggro - Edward Eng

Creatures (23)
4 Anafenza, the Foremost
3 Heir of the Wilds
Den Protector
4 Siege Rhino
Warden of the First Tree
Hangarback Walker
2 Wingmate Roc

Spells (11)
Abzan Charm
Dromoka's Command
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
1 Murderous Cut







Sideboard (15)

It's the same list I ran at Grand Prix Indianapolis. Even though I only clocked in at 82nd place, I was still very happy with my list. So I ran it back at the PPTQ and it obviously paid off.

More importantly, here are notes about the deck if you chose to run the list.

Cliff Notes

1. The Jeskai matchup is tough. I think you need to side out Heir of the Wilds. You should probably also bring in Duress and Transgress the Mind.

2. RG Ramp is becoming more and more popular. I played it in the semifinals. The game plan is to smash hard. Pop all the mana dorks if possible. Side in all hand disruption (Duress and Transgress the Mind). Keep in cheap removal to pop the mana dorks. Smash.

3. Again...4 Shambling Vents is too many. I still believe 2 Caves of Koilos and 2 Vents are the correct numbers. Don't fall into the 4 Vents trap. This is an aggressive deck and you need to curve out with lands that come into play untapped. You can't durdle. Otherwise, you get outclassed by Jeskai, Temurica, and RG Ramp.

I want to keep this report short. Message me on social media if you have questions about the deck or whatevers.

Keep battling.

Peace, love, and have fun…

Edward Eng


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