The MTG Community - Tricks for Surviving Tourneys [Edward Eng]

As I recently mentioned in Confidence Not Cockiness Wins, I'll be providing you with tricks to help maintain focus during tourneys. Surprisingly, it's not just about knowing your deck inside and out and all the decks you might expect to see throughout a tournament. It's really about keeping your mind and body in a state that's ready to take on anything thrown at you. There's actually a lot of things to pay attention to.

First off, let's talk about keeping your mind focused on every game and match instead of other things like your hunger and bladder.

Keep your stomach full with good food/snacks like the following.

Fruit Strips/Bars - Stretch Island Fruit (Costco)

Applesauce - GoGo Squeez (Costco)

Granola Bars - Nature Valley (Costco)

Jerky - Trader Joe's

Keep yourself hydrated with the following.

Water - Water Bottle

Fruit/Veggie Smoothies - Naked

Now that your mind can focus on the game, let's get all your gear in order. This way you don't have to fumble around mid-game, mid-match.


Prepare your decklist at home in advance. You can download and print Wizards's official deck registration sheet here. After you fill it out, make sure it's correct (card names and total number of cards in the maindeck and sideboard). Then make a second copy. Then take a picture of it with your phone.

Sideboard Notes

Same here. Prepare your sideboard notes on paper at home in advance. Then take a picture of it with your phone.

Scorepad & Pen

Make sure you have enough blank pages and a pen that works. Have a backup pen too.


Use six-sided dice (D6s). If possible, use dice that have numerals on them rather than pips.


Use new sleeves. KMC Hyper Mat sleeves are awesome.


Keep your sleeves clean. Use a playmat.


Wear a digital watch, preferably one with a stopwatch. Casio digital calculator watches are awesome.


Stash a hoodie in your backpack in case you get cold.

Now you're geared up and you're mind is focused. But don't forget these last few things.

Bathroom Breaks

Hit the restroom after every round.

Backpack Goodies

Make sure you bring your phone charger and earbuds. Bring Advil or other pain killers to stop headaches before they start. Pack some tissue/napkins.

I hope this was helpful for you. Let me know if I missed anything. Thanks.

Peace, love, and good games...

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