Financial Quick Picks - MTG Hit List [Edward Eng]

If you head out to the shops for some tournament action this weekend, try to trade for these cards.

Dig Through Time

Although Dragon Control is on a bit of a decline in Standard, Dig Through Time is still all over Legacy. This is a good time to pick up cheap foil copies.

Wingmate Roc

3 bucks for a highly playable mythic rare that's actually still seeing play? Sign me up. Pick up cheap foil copies. This card can't really get any lower. The risk is low. The upside is high.

I wish I picked up more Magic Player Rewards cards a while back because a lot of them have risen in value over time. However, I think most of them are pretty high now. But then again, these will never be printed again. For now, here are the ones I think still have some room to grow.

Volcanic Fallout

This still sees fringe play in Modern. And 'can't be countered' will always be powerful.

Searing Blaze

Burn has been picking up steam in Modern again. And Burn will always be around. And people will always play lands.

As for the more playable ones, I think Ponder could spike.

Ponder is almost like Brainstorm. Almost.

Good luck at all your tourneys this weekend.

Peace, love, and good games...

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