Financial Quick Picks - MTG Hit List [Edward Eng]

Arcbound Ravager has been on the list, but the uprising of Kolaghan's Command kind of puts it in an awkward position. However, Arcbound Ravager is still a staple and an all-star. Moreso, Affinity is a very resilient and adaptable deck. We might start to see people packing a few more protection spells like Mizzium Skin or counterspells like Negate as the metagame slightly shifts. Thus, I suggest you take this opportunity to pick up cheap Arcbound Ravagers.

Here are some Legacy staples I think you should pick up if you don't already have them.


A key card in Temur Delver. Super versatile and can also be played in other decks. It's cheap. You can't go wrong, so pick them up.


This pops up from time to time in Legacy Miracles. It's just another good Counterspell to have in your collection or in your trade binder.

Here are some cards I think you should pick up for the mid-term.

Tasigur, the Golden Fang

Banana King is dipping a little bit. But it's still seeing quite a bit of play in Standard, Modern, and Legacy.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

5C Dragons in Standard is starting to pick up a little bit of steam. And there could be a rebirth of G(r) Devotion with the decline of Dragon Control. That said...Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is still the 'go-over-the-top' card of choice. Big Daddy Ugin also sees play in Modern Tron and Legacy MUD. If you can, try to pick up the promo version.

Last but not least, foil Stubborn Denials are probably a good play. As creatures get bigger and cheaper (power creep), Stubborn Denial gets better. We already saw Jordan Boisvert win last week's SCG Modern Open with 4 Hooting Mandrills and 3 Stubborn Denials main deck.

Peace, love, and good games...

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