Financial Quick Picks - MTG Hit List [Edward Eng]

Modern Masters 2015 is in full swing and this is the time to capitalize on cards that people have forgotten about.
The two cards that you should start picking up this week are...

It's starting to see more play again in Modern alongside Collected Company. This is one of those cards that fits under the 'gets better over time' category. The more cards Wizards prints, the better this card gets. Other cards that fit under this category are Demonic Tutor, Snapcaster Mage, and Green Sun's Zenith to name a few.

SGM sees fringe play in Modern Jeskai and red decks. I'm not sure if this card will ever have a breakout performance in Eternal formats. But funny enough, it also fits under the 'gets better over time' category. The strategy with SGM is to pick them up now while they're only about 10 bucks and flip them when they spike after rotation later this year. SGM also sees play in Tiny Leaders, so look out for cheap foils.

That's all for this week. And don't forget about the previous Financial Quick Picks.

Peace, love, and have fun…

Edward Eng


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