Solving the Limited Puzzle - Dragons of Tarkir Draft Pick Order [Randall Gay]

Welcome to a new season of MTG Limited! Dragons of Tarkir is going to do a lot more than shake up this limited format - it's almost entirely creating a new one. While there will still be some cards we're used to seeing in the third pack, the majority of the cards we'll be playing with are brand new, meaning we'll need to start from square one on developing a gameplan. A great way to do this in new formats is to determine a pick order.

In pack 1 pick 1, and sometimes a little further, it can be very helpful to determine what cards will best perform in our deck. This changes a little as the draft proceeds, of course, once you know for certain what style of deck you're looking to build, but use this guide as if you're picking in a vacuum.

Keep in mind that we're still very early in the format and some of these pick orders may be very far off - we'll have a better idea of where everything stands once we've all had a chance to play more with these cards. Let me know which orders you agree with and disagree with in the comments or on social media. Enjoy!

Open all the bombs,
Randall Gay

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