The MTG Community - Quitting Magic [Edward Eng - Battlemage, Level 42]

I'm quitting Magic. Just kidding. But I know a lot of people that are thinking about quitting. And you might be thinking about quitting yourself. But before you actually quit Magic, I ask that you stop a think for a bit longer about why you might want to stop playing a game that you love.

I know that many of us have taken breaks from the game only to have found ourselves diving back into Magic and loving the game even more after that break. Heck, I didn't play much Magic after 2000 because I wanted to focus on school and technically stopped cold turkey in 2003. And I said I would never come back to the game. Miraculously in 2010, I started playing again. And honestly, quitting Magic is probably the only thing that I've come close to regretting in life.

If you're thinking about quitting Magic, ask yourself why you want to stop. Don't just say you're gonna quit.

Do you want to quit because...

1. You're not having fun anymore?

If you're not having fun anymore, ask yourself some more questions. Do you play at the same card store? Do you play with the same people? Do you play the same deck? Do you play the same format? Sometimes you need to switch things up a bit. Repetition is usually good. But change can be better.

2. Are you doing bad at tournaments?

Why are you doing bad? Are you picking poor metagame choices? More importantly, do you analyze your plays after each match? Do you watch videos? Do you follow streamers? Do you watch live coverage? Do you listen to podcasts? Do you read articles? There's so much information out there these days. Take advantage of that. And have an open mind.

3. Is the game too expensive?

Yes, some cards are expensive. But there are lot of tools out there to help you save money on cards. Do you read finance articles? Do you buy cards you don't need? Do you hold on to valuable cards you don't need as their value tanks? Get what you need. Trade or sell what you don't.

4. Are you neglecting other priorities?

Do you play too much Magic? Are you neglecting your studies? Are you neglecting your career? Are you neglecting your family? Get it together. Set goals and schedules. Manage your time.

5. Something else?

Is there another reason why you want to quit Magic? What is it? Tell me. I'd like to know.

Magic is fun. Magic is a great game. You shouldn't have to quit Magic if you don't have to.

Peace, love, and have fun…

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