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I've seen a lot of salty players over the years. I've even played against a few. And I'm even guilty of being one, particularly when I was younger. But now that I'm older and supposedly 'wiser', I feel like the salty years are behind me and I noticed my game has improved a lot more because of that.

Staying calm and thoroughly analyzing your games after each match is one of the best things you can do to level up. There's a saying that goes, "Take it like a man." However, most men that play Magic don't seem to really take their losses like a man. Ironically, I've seen and played against women who take their losses in much better fashion than most men. And I'm sure this has paid off for them.

A good showing of this was at the SCG Open in Houston a couple of weeks back during the Valentine's Day weekend. Serena Quinn and Heather Evans were the only two female competitors to make Day 2. I often received updates about how Serena was doing from friends like Jared Tomlinson. And I also continuously bumped into Heather as we waited for the next round's pairings. All of us would pick up a match loss once in a while and the one thing I noticed was that Serena and Heather would just brush it off and keep on trucking forward. I took that to heart and continued to remind myself to do the same. And by the end of the day, we all made top 64 and cashed the tournament. Sweet! Congrats to Serena and Heather on the finishes and to showing the Magic community what great sportsmanship is supposed to be like.

This isn't to say that all men are salty either. I've definitely played against my fair share of cool dudes too. As a matter of fact, the last tournament I played in was the SCG Super IQ in Dallas at Madness Games. I must say that Madness Games is one helluva shop! It was my second time there. And also my second time playing against Braeden Rogers who I played against at the SCG Open in Houston. Unfortunately, we got paired up in the 6th round of 7 with both of us at 5-1. We decided to play it out and I won in 3 games as Braeden ended up getting a bit mana screwed. It sucks that we got paired up. It sucks that he got mana screwed in game 3. But his attitude definitely didn't suck. And I know that his attitude towards the game will continue to lead him to even greater victories. Thanks again for the great games, Braeden!

As for the tourney results, I intentionally drew in round 7 and was lucky enough to squeak into top 8. But I lost in the quarterfinals to Joshua Watts playing Naya Midrange. I'm looking forward to doing even better next time.

Congrats to Josh for taking down the tourney! And grats to Collin Rountree for also locking in an invite.

I hope to see you all at the SCG Dallas Open in March.

Peace, love, and good games...
Edward Eng a.k.a. Eddie

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