The MTG Community - Quick Hits...Pro Tour & SCG [Edward Eng - Battlemage, Level 42]

Seems like the community is going wild. Long live the Pro Tour. Long live Modern. Who knows what's gonna happen. But here are some things that I think are relevant moving forward.

1. SCG is king.

Most people will never make the Pro Tour. Many people don't care to make the Pro Tour. Pete Hoefling is smart. The SCG Tour is going to grow exponentially.

2. Pick up Modern cards now.

Wizards killed Modern for the Pro Tour. This is another why SCG is king. They're gonna have even more control over the market for Modern cards. Many of their upcoming tournaments are Modern, including the Invitationals. I suggest picking up Modern cards from people that think the format will die because Wizards isn't supporting it via the Pro Tour anymore. Just like I said before, Warren Buffet's "Be fearful when people are greedy. And be greedy when people are fearful." quote applies here.

3. Be realistic about your goals.

Still want to make the Pro Tour? Sure, go ahead; keep grinding. Hit up Grand Prix when you can. Hit up the PPTQs. And don't look down on SCG. Don't forget you can still qualify for the Pro Tour by winning an Invitational, which is pretty much an RPTQ on steroids. I had a revelation today after reading a post on Facebook from Jeff Hoogland. He said, "My plan is to play as many PT matches next year as I have in years past: Actual zero."

I just had a conversation with recent Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad competitor, Collin Rountree. And I was just voicing things out by asking questions to answer things for myself. What's your goal? What are you doing it all for? Fame? Money? You can gain all of this via the SCG Tour. Is it respect? Who cares? I mean look at me. I'm just some rando that a few people know from playing like an ape on camera and winning. Fame? Yes, kinda. Money? Check; paid for my trip. Respect? Probably not, but who cares. No one. But anyways, just be realistic. And figure out the easiest combination (path) to achieving your goals.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know.

Peace, love, and have fun…

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He started playing Magic around December of 1994, then hit the sanctioned competitive tournament scene in 1997. He played till about 2000 and was on the cusp of making the Pro Tour but stopped to focus on school. He found his old teammate on Facebook in 2009 and got back into the game in 2010. Since then he's played in two Nationals, top 16ed an SCG Invitational, and day 2ed multiple Grand Prix.

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