Q & A - Standard Rotation and Picking the Best Deck [Collin Rountree - Sorcerer, Level 39]

Standard rotation is right around the corner as we close in on the release of Shadows over Innistrad. And in preparation for the new Standard, we've done a quick Q & A session with Collin Rountree who will be competing in the upcoming Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad. So let's get right to it.

How long have you been playing 4C Rally?

I've been playing the deck for about four months.

How did you find the deck?

I found the deck after Magnus Lantto and Simon Nielsen's crew destroyed Grand Prix Brussels, putting three people into the top eight.

What made you pick the deck?

I picked the deck and stuck with it because I was trying to prepare for Grand Prix Oakland. And with the printing of Reflector Mage, the deck was pushed over the edge in terms of power level.

What's your process like for finding the best deck in a given format?

Usually when trying to figure out the best deck in the format I scour through different decklist posters like MTG Top 8, looking for different statistics to which people are doing well in tournaments. From there, I choose which deck I think will be best for a given tournament and then test it as much as I can before the event.

What was your process like for tuning 4C Rally?

As far as 4C Rally goes in particular, I didn't do much tuning myself. I just mostly went off what the pros were posting. Their lists always seemed to be very good, specifically whatever Reid Duke and Owen Turtenwald posted. So I just copied them.

What was your process like for testing 4C Rally?

For testing, I would just sit down for hours at a time figuring out certain matchups and sideboarding against certain archetypes. Sideboarding is something very overlooked by people trying to break out from the PPTQ circuit. I think everybody could benefit through talking about sideboarding with their peers.

What cards do you like the most from Shadows over Innistrad?


I really enjoy Thing in the Ice. I'm not really sure if the card will see any play in Constructed, but this card is super awesome. The lure and flavor of Thing in the Ice has me really excited for the new set.

What color combination do you think will do well from Shadows over Innistrad?

The Rakdos guild will benefit greatly from the release of  Shadows over Innistrad. With all the vampires and the Madness mechanic, the vampire aggro deck looks like it could be good. And I can't wait to see the set when it's fully spoiled.


So there you have it. While it's probably no surprise to anyone, picking a deck that the pros play and is doing well will most likely contribute to helping you win. But mastering your matchups and knowing how to sideboard is what will give you an extra edge. Don't be afraid and don't forget to discuss sideboarding with others.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Collin at Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad, starting on April 22. He just might have the next best Standard deck after rotation.

Have fun and enjoy your games,
The Galactic Treasures Crew

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A Little Bit about Collin Rountree

Collin has an SCG Open win under his belt and will be competing in his first PT at Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad. He's always down to jam some games of Legacy. Collin also has a tough time turning down a serving of mac and cheese.

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