MTG Reporter - Poops Be Cheatin' [Edward Eng - Battlemage, Level 42]

This past weekend was a rough one for me at Grand Prix Houston. I finished day 1 at 8-1. I started day 2 at 2-0. Then I lost my last 4 rounds to end at 10-5. I missed cash but got another Pro Point. That's unacceptable in my book. But what's even more unacceptable was the fact that I had a pretty frustrating tournament because I had to call the judge so many times throughout the two days.

The first round I played was round three since I had two byes. I caught my third round opponent looking at the bottom card of his library, so I called a judge. A few turns later, he went to draw a card and another card slipped out from his library. I called the judge again. I also noticed he was looking at my deck while shuffling it, so I told him to look away. This was my first round of play and I was already a bit tilted.

I played Grixis Control with Sphinx's Tutelage a few rounds later. He triggered the mill effect and it retriggered. He said, "Do it again." And I milled two extra cards by accident because he had two copies in play. This was partly my fault for not slowing down to check exactly how many cards I needed to mill. But he should've been clearer as well.

In round three of day 2, my opponent Duresses me and takes a card. Then says something which sounded like 'go', so I untapped a drew a card. Then my opponent says, "I said you're good. Not 'go'." I called a judge and he said that my opponent gets to pick a card and shuffle it back into my library and we would rewind back to his turn after the Duress. WTF! I was pretty tilted.

Then my round 15 opponent also looked at the bottom of his library. By this time, I was in a pretty terrible mood and really wanted to just flip the table. I despise cheaters. If you suspect anyone of cheating, tell a judge.


1. Look away when you shuffle your opponent's deck.

2. Look away when you shuffle your own deck.

3. Don't ever pick up your library in a way where you have a chance to see the bottom card.

4. Carefully draw cards from your library.

5. Be clear in your communications.

Aside from all the crap I had to deal with, Andrew Cuneo was a great opponent to play against even though I lost to him. He was very assertive and clear with his plays and communication. And that's how I play too. Yes, Magic is just a game. But it's not a fun game when you have to call a judge often to sort out miscommunication or sloppy play.

What else am I missing about poops that cheat?

Peace, love, and have fun…

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