Financial Quick Picks - Cards to Get by This Weekend [Edward Eng - Battlemage, Level 42]

The Eldrazi have taken over and the metagame for almost all formats is shifting. This weekend is Standard at Grand Prix Houston and we've barely touched the surface. There's a lot of room for innovation. Here are some cards you should keep an eye on and probably pick up before it's too late.


Some people hate the name and didn't even think the card was constructed playable. Well, it's starting to pop up everywhere in Modern and Legacy Eldrazi lists as a way to break the mirror match. I suggest picking up the release promos. They're still only about a buck.

Nissa, Voice of Zendikar

This preorder at around $13 and sits at about $10 now. I doubt this can go much lower. It's a powerful 3-cmc planeswalker. And to be fair, all 3-cmc planeswalkers printed have seen more than a decent amount of play. Nissa currently sees play in GW and Atarka Tokens. It'll take some time to find some more homes but it'll happen.

Bearer of Silence

This is a solid creature for 2 that obviously gets better at 4. It's starting to find a home in quite a few decks. Foils are slightly price at around 3 bucks but still might have some room to grow. Regular copies are about a buck. That's pretty cheap for a pretty versatile creature.

Dimensional Infiltrator

This is another great 2-drop. And I think this will see even more play than Bearer of Silence because it does a lot of things. It flies. Having flash makes it decent against control and can ambush an attack against other decks. And the last ability is quite unique and useful, allowing you to mill away an opponent's scry or randomly blanking a removal spell. You can also use it to chumpblock and potentially bounce it back to your hand then recast it all while milling your opponent. Value! I think foils are the way to go; they're under 2 bucks right now.

What other cards are you currently targeting?

Peace, love, and have fun…

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