Standard Fare - 4 Cards That'll Turn Heads at Grand Prix Houston [Edward Eng - Battlemage, Level 42]

Grand Prix Houston is coming up fast and these are the cards I think will turn some heads that weekend.

Pulse of Murasa

Patrick Chapin talked about this card when Oath of the Gatewatch first came out. It hasn't really caught on yet, but the set is still pretty new. Chapin's latest article even talks about how there's still so much room to explore with OGW. Some people compare this card against Foul Renewal which is also seeing a bit more play now, but Pulse is one mana cheaper and could be decent against red decks.

Transgress the Mind

This has been a popular sideboard card since its release. But people are actually starting to maindeck it now since it hits a lot of relevant spells in the current meta like Reflector Mage, Nantuko Husk, Collected Company, big dragons, rhinos, and Eldrazi. It's not even dead against red since it can hit Hordeling Outburst and Become Immense.

Jeskai Ascendancy

We haven't really seen this card in a while, but this could be the time for it to pop up again since a decent amount of decks have a tough time dealing with tokens and a going-wide strategy. Not to mention, Jeskai Ascendancy combo is still a thing.

Wall of Resurgence

This is starting to pop up in sideboards. It's kind of neat 2-for-1 that pumps up manlands. And a lot of the Standard manlands are pretty powerful. WOR provides reasonable offense and defense all in one card.

What other cards do you think will catch people off guard at Grand Prix Houston?

Peace, love, and have fun…

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